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Bradmac offers an extensive range of garage products and can guide the customer through the purchasing procedure with ease and in full knowledge they are selecting the correct product to meet their needs.

At Bradmac, the customer and their requirements are a priority throughout the buying process.

There are 5 basic questions the customer needs to be sure of, when buying Bradmac garage equipment.


1 Does the product do the job and meet the specification?

2 Support

3 Price

4 That Extra Mile

5 Availability


Does it do the job and meet the specification?


All BradMac products have been used in the UK Market for approximately 15 years.

Throughout this period the design of the equipment has been improved to meet the ever-changing UK specific requirements.


All MOT equipment has full DVSA and GEA approval.


All equipment carries full European approval as standard.


Bradmac always sell equipment beyond the standard required, the design and manufacture is completed with you, the customer, in mind to ensure products are not only reliable and robust, but simple to use and easy to maintain.



BradMac Garage Equipment & Services can expertly interpret your product requirements and have access to specialists who understand garage Equipment and know how the equipment will operate in your workshop.


BradMac Garage Equipment & Services offer products for a complete workshop design, MOT layouts through to a brand new product to fit in your existing workshop, all this done to meet individual needs.


Bradmac understands that everything is not straightforward and they can be flexible and easily adjusted to fit in with existing workshop designs.

Installation is straight forward and undertaken to meet your operational needs, all preparatory work is done beforehand and Bradmac take responsibility for fully explaining to the customer all procedures involved prior to delivery.


BradMac Garage Equipment & Services will ensure you make full use of your product by offering a maintenance and service package and will ensure your emergency requirements are dealt with efficiently and quickly, putting your product back into full operation ASAP.




BradMac Garage Equipment & Services understand the price point is important and can ensure their products are competitively priced within the market place. This is because their equipment comes direct from major manufacturers who take advantage of fully automated manufacturing systems and quantity manufactured.

Having the correct specification to meet your specific needs will not also always save you money, but will ensure the product is manufactured and fitted correctly.


That Extra Mile


Bradmac’s Extra Mile means we will supply excellent products at competitive prices and ensure you, the customer, are always pleased with your purchase, installation and after-care.

My experience of the market and the products I sell will provide a level of supply and service that reaches new levels in the market sector.

Furthermore, I am available for any feedback, concerns or comments at




Availability is important to ensure you have the products you require when you need them.

BradMac Garage Equipment & Services have access to a large, immediately available stock supply, which will ensure we can supply a fast, replacement product or spare, but more importantly can install on time and within a reasonable time frame mutually suitable for the customer.

BradMac Garage Equipment & Services take pride in keeping to agreed time parameters for delivery, installation, service and repair.