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VTEQ success is mainly due to our thinking, our philosophy. VTEQ staff is involved in a single objective, theTotal Satisfaction of our Partners, and for this we use all the resources our special market offers:


  • Bidirectional communication with the VTEQ equipment users to feedback our Research, Development and Innovation department (R + D + i)
  • Training and informing both the internal VTEQ staff as well as all our international representatives to ensure that all the benefits of our progress and developments are conveniently transferred to the market.
  • Having an own product development department allows us to adapt technological and regulatory changes with agility, including all these improvements on to market in record time.
  • VTEQ is involved and collaborates with universities, agencies and associations related to Vehicle Technical Inspection as: AFIBA, the European Garage Equipment Association EGEA and the International Committee of Vehicle Inspection CITA.