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Founded in 2001 by personnel with extensive experience in the field of Vehicle Inspection Equipment for PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection), VTEQ born with two main objectives, one, Internationalisation, and another, the spirit of continuous innovation, concepts that after years have allowed us to become one of the most prestigious companies Worldwide.

Since our inception VTEQ progress has been steadily increasing in both its product, thanks to the investment in its R + D + i, and its potential, thus achieving and adapting to different international markets/variants we found.

In 2002 VTEQ initiated in exporting, installing the first equipment in countries like Morocco, Greece, Thailand, Russia and UK, giving us an experience and confidence in ourselves that has been a key factor in the development thereafter.

At the same time, and in our spirit to get an exponential effect on the impact of our efforts, we took the decision to start manufacturing under different brands, OEM, a decision in line with our normal line of business through VTEQ brand, allowing us reaching the final customer through different channels with a consequent increase in both the presence and prestige and recognition of our particular business model. Meaning this success thus recognising a job well done and the triumph of our philosophy focused on customer service that has led us to be present in more than 70 countries.