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BradMac can supply and install all types of service equipment: 

1 Post Lifts  

2 Post Lifts                               

4 Post Lifts                                  

Scissor Lifts

Hybrid lifts                                   

In-ground Lifts

Wash Bay Lifts                            

Galvanised Lifts

Pre-fabricated Steel Pits            

Jacking Beams.

There are many different designs and products available with most of the lifts featuring hydraulic operation but mechanical operation available in many 2 post lifts, this passes on low cost of ownership, excellent performance and long term durability to you, the customer.

Service lifts range from 2.5 Tonne up to 8 Tonne with a wide variety of 2 post lift arm configuration and 4 Post, Scissor & Hybrid platform lengths enabling the lift to suit a range of vehicles.

Pre- Fabricated Steel Pits can be supplied in a wide variety of dimensions and lengths with various options including lighting, air, electrical sockets, side storage boxed areas and many more.

Jacking Beams are available in different capacities and are available for both lifts and pits.

There are many different arm configurations to fit all types of lifts available and a huge selection of accessories makes lifting the vehicle simple and safe.

BradMac’s expertise and knowledge of the wide variety of makes and models will give you, the customer the confidence to know you will purchase the service equipment suitable for your workshop.