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How to make application for MOT Testing?


Bradmac can assist with the whole application procedure


  • We can complete the DVSA form, personal information is required.
  • To meet all required criteria i.e. the garage owner must be of good character with sound business credibility and meet all DVSA requirements re location, building etc.
  • Please note you may be asked to attend various courses at the DVSA Regional office before your application is accepted.
  • After the application has been processed, the local DVSA office will be in contact seeking either further clarification on specific points, or issue an Application in Principle (AIP) letter.
  • This means you can then proceed to install and complete the bay to the correct submitted specifications.


Do not complete any work until AIP letter is received


  • Be aware the DVSA response can take up to three months
  • When all equipment, including the PC and printer which the customer supplies, is installed and all necessary documentation is completed, DVSA is contacted by either, you or us.
  • A DVSA engineer will visit your site to ensure all items have been installed as detailed in the submitted DVSA CAD drawing (if we have completed the installation we will attend this visit).
  • If all is correct including the documentation, they will authorise the garage to become an MOT Testing Station.
  • This procedure, from start to finish can take three to twelve months, much of this is dependent on all correct information supplied at the initial stage and you, the customer, completing any additions requested.


Why should we do this for you?


  • BradMac Garage Equipment & Services are aware of current DVSA requirements and our experienced staff can complete the necessary documentation, giving you the customer, the time to carry on with your business.