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Authorised Testing Facilities (ATF)

BradMac offer a complete DVSA ATF Test Lane package.

ATF’s are authorised by the DVSA formerly VOSA, for the purpose of testing HGV’s Trailers and Public Service Vehicles.

As an ATF, trained DVSA staff can test your company vehicles and also offer a testing facility to external companies using DVSA staff.

HGV operators now have the option to choose an ATF station instead of using a DVSA Test Station to test their vehicles.

BradMac and DVSA will guide you through the process of becoming a new ATF.

To assist you with your application process DVSA supply a number of documents which will need to be read before applying, all of which are available on our DVSA help pages.

We offer an all-inclusive package beginning with an original site survey, individual CAD DVSA approved drawings, advice for any civil work required and personal assistance with the application process.

The personalised package also includes delivery, installation and training on the product purchased, onto all relevant certification and approved UK after-sales service.

ATF Authorised Testing Facilities                   

DVSA Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency                              

VOSA Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

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