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BradMac supply 2 post lifts: Hydraulic or Mechanical which range between 3 and 7 Tonne.


BradMac ensures the 2 post can lift a wide range of vehicles, suitable for small to large cars, through to medium and long wheel based vans.


BradMac’s 2 post lifts are designed to meet the rigorous standards required for use in the twenty-first century vehicle workshop.

All are built to a superior finish and include a range of safety features to comply with all EU, CE, BSI and Health and Safety regulations. 


BradMac’s 2 post lifts come with or without base frame designs.

The frameless design gives clear floor space between the posts free of obstructions, resulting in a safe working environment for the mechanic.

The fixed base design is generally used for floors which are not suitable for a baseless lift.


BradMac offers 2 post lifts with a choice of lifting arms between 2 or 3 stage, this provides a solution for picking up a wider range of vehicles.


BradMac’s2 post lifts are versatile and offer a variety of adapters to suit a range of vehicles at moderate cost to the customer.